Watch About!

Instructions manual

How to use "Watch About! Player Edition" to reproduce the guides for tourists in the area "VALLDEMOSSA"
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1. Download the application "Watch About! Player Edition" for mobile phones.

Windows Phone
or look for
“watch about! player edition”
on “App Store”
or look for
on “Google Play”
or look for
on “Marketplace”
Go to "App Store"
Go to "Google Play"
Go to "Marketplace"

2. Install and start the application

3. Sign in using an email and a password

4. Download guides

Set of WatchLinks to download guides
Guide name
Valldemossa Audio Guide - EN

5. Check if it's the correct guide

6. Activate the guide


I'm in the place of the guide
Start walking through the tour of the guide and a red point appears in the map showing our current position. When we get close to a green point (information point), the mobile phone produces a sound and a new display appers, to which we have to click in ("play"). The multimedia content is reproduced explaining the interesting content about the place we are in. It also helps to choose the way.
I'm not in the place of the guide, but I would like to see the content
Select the option "info View" in the bottom. After that, click on one of the point to reproduce the content.


Si quieres reproducir las guías recomendadas desde tu ordenador de sobremesa, puedes hacerlo desde aquí


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Descarga la App para tú smartphone en: Android , Windows Phone y IOS (iPhone)


Desde cualquier teléfono móvil con acceso a Internet puedes reproducir cualquiera de las guías

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